Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jiffy Lube, Kleenex, and Candy

Let me just begin by saying that I'm sick. I have been trying to scare this cold away since convention, and succeeded, to the point where I thought I was safe. I stopped taking Airborne because I didn't seem to be in close proximity to anyone with a cold and I felt fine. Apparently I was wrong. When I woke up with a throat tickle yesterday, it was back on the Airborne, but apparently it was too late. Not that that will stop me, mind you, but I have the cold, and it's going to hang around for a few days, apparently.

At lunch today I decided it was TIME to finally get my oil changed. I should have done it a while back, and just justified the delay with the fact that I use synthetic blend oil. Here's my problem with getting my oil changed, beyond the fact that it costs an arm & a leg. "Jiffy Lube" is one of those oxymorons like "military intelligence" I have NEVER been done in a jiffy. EVER. & I know I'm not the only one. It's not like any of the other places are any better, and Jiffy Lube is more convenient, in a relative sense. they have all of my information already in their computer so they can tell me what's been done & what needs to be done. But seriously, folks, do you have to pretend you're speedy when you are nothing of the sort? I shouldn't have to take a long lunch for something like an oil change.

Post oil change I decided that it could no longer be helped, I had to run to Albertsons to buy some Kleenex. I am a little bit of a contradiction myself in that I am a total snob about toilet paper, but I seldom buy Kleenex and don't have any real idea what the difference is between brands. Mostly bec
ause I always use my toilet paper AS Kleenex when a get a cold.

XanGo, on the other hand, is not a company of toilet paper snobs. After a morning spent sniffling into really scratchy toilet paper, I decided my nose just couldn't take it any more, and using my sleeve was out of the question. I sit in a cubicle, for heaven's sake! So I went in search of Kleenex. To my glee, they had some really snazzy boxes, and I feel pretty OK, about this box sitting on my desk:

While at Albertsons, I also had to buy candy. It's Christmas!! I am fully aware that if I stopped eating so much sugar, my body weight would probably drop significantly. . . but then what would I whine about? I had to have some Andes Peppermint crunches, because they are HEAVENLY. I also had to TRY the new Hershey's Mint chocolate mini mix bag. I am here to tell you, after sampling the 3 different mints. they all still taste like waxy Hershey's chocolate. They aren't awful, but I'm sticking to the Andes next time. I do think Nick would like the white chocolate ones. . . they bear a striking resemblance to the taste and texture of peppermint Swoops!

I also bought some mini-orange juices to keep in the mini-fridge here (are we seeing a mini theme?) so that I am not tempted to drink Coke. Despite what Ben says, I'm pretty sure Coke doesn't have cold healing properties.

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