Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fresh Squeezed

One of my favorite things in the world is fresh squeezed orange juice. There's a little place called Juice N' Java in Provo that I used to go to before work when I had a cold and get a cup of it for about $4. Yes, that's a ridiculous price to pay. But I loved it, and I felt I deserved it when I was sick, because it helped me heal. . .

OK, yes. That was extreme rationalization. But it's not the point.

For our wedding, we registered for, and received, this beauty:

I was giddy. It plugs into the wall and all you have to do is cut the orange in half and hold it on there. The machine does the rest! I was so excited to make my own fresh squeezed juice. #1, because I no longer work in Provo and there is certainly nowhere at Thanksgiving Point that I can drive through for a quick $4 juice like I could in Provo. & #2, because I figured it would be a lot more cost effective. All that was left was to wait for orange season.

And then, this weekend, Ben went to the store for Christmas baking supplies, and what did he come home with? Something that looked kind of like this:

Yes, I think he must like me or something. . .

I have had a much larger quantity of juice than Juice N' Java ever gave me for the last few mornings, for probably 15 cents, rather than $4.

And I feel pretty good about that.

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