Friday, August 10, 2007

Busy Busy

Tonight starts a straight week of back to back craziness. A big part of the craziness relates to Ben's parents visiting from AZ. But some of it is the result of us not getting stuff done earlier in the summer, and very little time left before Ben starts his many trainings, followed by school starting.

For instance, have we done ANYTHING to get the nursery ready for the baby? Oh no. Save painting a couple of squares of color on the wall to test the colors, we have yet to begin. That's one order of business for this weekend. We have a plan and some paint colors chosen. . . but we also picked a rather complicated stripe pattern, as well as a chair rail to execute, so we'll see how far we get.

Also serving to crowd our week, an activity at Heritage Halls tonight, an acting workshop for Ben on Sunday, a 40th anniversary party for Ben's parents, a cooking class at Sur La Table that I got Ben for our anniversary, and a visit (preceeded by a lot of house cleaning) from Ben's parents to our house. . . which they've yet to see. For those of you who know what my normal post-work routine consists of these days (basically a lot of time on the couch with my feet up) please say a little prayer for me.

I may just keel over, or go into labor, neither of which are good at this point. . .

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