Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day of Fun & Anniversary Partying

As a celebration of the time Chandy has been with our crazy little department (she's leaving for a British adventure), Matt decided some fun was in order. We had a nice lunch at Fuddruckers and then spent the afternoon at Boondocks.

Now, Boondocks is a place full of crazy fun things to do, but decidedly fewer fun things for a pregnant woman. I decided to play photographer of the adventure instead. Here are a couple of highlights:

Bumper Boats

And Go Karts

It was way to hot outside to stay out all afternoon, so after a game of putt putt we went inside to use up our tokens in the arcade. We decided to pool our tickets and redeem them for a team mascot. This is what we came up with:

His name is The Annoying Thing, and we are pretty proud to have him around.

The rest of the evening was spent up in Ogden celebrating Ben's parent's 40th wedding at Tony's pizza, a Hess family favorite. We had a nice big crowd of about 23 of us there, and though it was stiflingly hot in the restaurant, we had some great pizza, great conversation, and had an overall great time.

Ben won't be thrilled that I posted that last picture of him with Isabella, but I thought it was funny :)

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