Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Wedding

Because the pros do it better than I ever could. . . Jer & Emily's photographer, Mary Clark, was awesome. She was so amazing with the kids and so patient with all of us and the crazy summer heat. I was very impressed. Here's a selection of her shots that I loved. (from her blog. . . I hope she doesn't mind. . . this is a glowing recommendation)

Everyone who was at the temple-- both families and friends

Just the Webster clan

The happy couple in color. How cute are THEY?!

I am so impressed with how relaxed Jer looked in all of the pictures. He's obviously a very happy guy.

Nathan, Tanner & Jenny. So sweet. . .

The bride and groom dance with little Aubrey.
Have you ever seen a cuter baby?

And to end with. . . possibly my favorite picture I've ever seen of my grandparents.

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Heidi said...

That photo of your grandparents is just beautiful! So, so sweet--you can tell they are still just in love with each other. I love it!