Monday, August 06, 2007

Jer & Em Tie The Knot

They finally went and did it. And because weddings are less about words and more about pictures (at least in my head), here are a few highlights.

The Happy Couple

Tanner kissing the bride his own way

Tanner & Carter being silly

Nathan & Jenny with Tanner

Natalie & Jason with Ethan, Aubrey & Carter

Us. Yes, I'm getting huge. . .

Me and Ethan

Waiting for the reception to start. . . killing time watching Ben play Mario Brothers on DS

The grandkids. Carter, Tanner, Ethan & Aubrey

I didn't capture the bride and groom dance (I was handing out cake!), but I did manage to catch this sweet moment.

The cake cutting. They were nice. . . no smashing in the face. But I think there were threats involved in that decision. . .

It was a beautiful day and an beautiful wedding. As usual, we had a little rain and wind for a few minutes while we were setting up the reception, but it all cleared up and the night was perfect.

Hooray!! And welcome to the crazy family, Emily!

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