Monday, June 08, 2009

The Big Reveal

Well, my dear friend Emily Southerland has finished the HUGE task of processing the rest of that massive pile of photos and has posted them on her website. (Go to Clients and use the password WISCONSIN) Our photos are mixed in with all of Stefanie's family's photos, and there are close to 300 of them. They are all AMAZING, but if you're too time crunched to go through them all, here are a few of my favorites. Hopefully this will tease you into looking at the rest. . . Emily is a genius and her work should be viewed at every opportunity. :)

She's also posted a great post on her blog with more pictures (so you can see a few great ones of Stef's family too)

Thank you, Em, for a WONDERFUL photo taking experience.

Some of our big red round balloons
Nolan got such a kick out of them

Some family photos in front of some really cool buildings down the road from Stef's house

Nolan was spinning in front of a gorgeous red door.
The one time he really acted like he was enjoying himself the whole time.

Garage light

Yellow balloon this time

Emily made some fake mustaches out of felt and attached them to sticks.
We got a kick out of them.
My wonderful best buds from the online world


Beth said...

Love them! They are all so cute. It's going to be hard to choose I think. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Webster said...

oh my gosh. these are amazing. So cute. I love the balloons! You guys should put THOSE in your black frames! :-)

Jules said...

Those pics are great! I really love the ballon shots. The bright colors are fabulous!


Tea Marie Photography said...

I loved looking at those! I love the one of you in the foreground and ben in nolan in the background. By the way, I'm way jealous of that dress! I love it!

Holly R said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the balloon shots. You have a beautiful family.

Cyndie said...

[Actually Jeremy] Only vaguely related, Cyndie got crazy and cut her hair. It's basically exactly like yours. You were an inspiration. She may post a pic, she may not, who knows. But,it's good.

Emily S. said...

yay yay yay! (channeling nolan and the sesame street worm there...)