Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Randoms

1- Nolan has a new friend. He has latched on to this small pillow we've had hanging around. I'm not wholly sure where it came from originally, to be frank. But boy does he love it. He carried it for a while last night, putting it down and snuggling with it (as pictured).

I put it in his bed last night, and when Ben went in to get him he was hugging it and would not let it go, even through his diaper change.

I really need to make a cover for it.

Also, convince him that the coffee table is not, in fact, a great place to sleep.

(he was watching Chess with us in these pictures, which I kind of love)

2- We're going to a banquet tonight to celebrate the end of Ben's MPA program. I'm hoping the food is yummy, because going to this event means getting ready for a dressy affair in the work bathroom.

There had better be steak.

3- I feel rather strongly that Max should not have been the guy eliminated on SYTYCD last night. Kupono had a bad week. He should have been the one to go. . .

4- Why don't I eat more pineapple? We had some here at work this morning. Perfect. Ripe. Sweet. . . And it truly made me wonder.

Granted, it gives me canker sores in large quantities. . . but I really should buy it more.

5- I really want a new iphone. It isn't the responsible choice. . . so I won't be getting one for a while.

But I really want one.

The end.


mel said...

So cute with the pillow! Noelle is starting to attach to things now, too. Oh, the fabric possibilities for covering the pillow!!! What ever will you choose?

Lisa said...

Amen. Max should not have been sent home. I'm still disappointed with that one. But I love Nolan's pillow.

Heidi said...

I wondered if you guys watched Chess (I was flipping between that and SYTYCD). I have to say that while I was watching it, I did think "oh yeah, THIS is why this was a total flop when it first opened on Broadway." With the exception of a few good songs, it's just a big ol' mess, isn't it? Seemed like way too much going on for one show.

And I wish they'd kept Max too, just so there could be at least one guy that had some prior ballroom experience!