Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun

A few random pictures from life at the Hess house. . .

Still a climber. He dragged the high chair over to the couch so that he could climb up onto the tray. Because he could. . . It didn't seem that there was another reason.

Soon after returning from AZ, Nolan found the box of animal crackers that grammy had sent home with him and proceeded to "make himself breakfast".

The budding artist tries out his new easel and chair (purchased at IKEA in an attempt to save the walls from more attack by crayon)

We took a trip to the Discovery Gateway children's museum this weekend, and Nolan had a BLAST.


Anna said...

Oh and he is also rockin' the one sock look. I love it. I also love that Allie is not-so-much a climber.

Crystal said...

When did he become a little man? They grow up too fast!

Hel said...

Great minds! Isabel has just acquired that same easel from Ikea. Nolan looks so much like a little boy now. He must be coming up to his second birthday, right?

Stefanie said...

Seeing Nolan climb on things makes me also happy that Max hasn't caught on to the concept yet. WHEW.

Seriously, where did lil Nolan go? He is a big boy now!

Emily S. said...

I want an easel!!!!!!

Love these!