Tuesday, June 23, 2009


While we were in AZ, we went down to a little town right near the Mexico border, called Tubac. They have this great little spice shop where we gathered a few of our favorite things for a ridiculously good price.

I was unpacking (FINALLY) one of our bags from our trip last night and found a bag of dill I had purchased in Tubac. Also in the bag, I found a notice from the TSA saying that they had searched my bag.

Can't imagine why!

I'm guessing they opened it and sniffed it. Do you think I should be worried about using it?


Mrs. Webster said...

wait, you bought WEED?? Haha.

Ok- so I just remembered today about your adirondack chair set! How do they look? Blog about them w/ a pic, k?

Back to dill weed- I'm TRYING to grow basil, dill and chives but only the basil seems to be working. The other ones got tall then fell over. :-( oh well.

Stefanie said...

I love that it is actually labelled Dill WEED!! HAHAH!

Samantha said...

LoL When I was a kid, Dill Weed was an insult I used on my little brother.

That is awesome that they left a note after searching your luggage. Too funny.

Bonnie said...

oh, that explained why my mom was searched with wild rice in her carry on!!
Oh, and they always leave a message when they open your bag and search it. It's a joyous feeling to find out that strangers have been through your underthings.

mel said...

TSA searched my bag after my wedding and searched inside the wrapped presents! I found a TSA notice inside a present that contained baking sheets and a box of brownie mix. They actually took the time to rewrap the gift well enough that I didn't suspect anything. Unreal!

Furrow said...

Makes you wonder what sort of herbal training they undergo.