Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Randoms

1- Tamera took Nolan on another adventure early this morning (to a wedding in Manti), which meant I got ready for work without a toddler under foot. SUCH a weird feeling.

Also, I feel that Nolan looks like a miniature version of a 60 year old man in that picture. (minus the binky of course) It's like Benjamin Button or something. . .

2- Reasons I love sleeping with the window open:
* it's the time of year that it is the PERFECT temperature to do so
* I love a cool breeze when I'm sleeping

Reasons I DON'T love sleeping with the window open:
* Allergies. BAH!
* Just a little bit of freeway noise
* blinds have to be open a bit, making it even brighter than usual
* STUPID CHIRPY BIRDS! they live in the covered parking thing in front of the house and chirp like the dickens from the time the sun starts to peek over the mountains.

Does the fact that there are twice as many cons make me STOP?


3- They didn't say it on the show, but I TOTALLY called that the blond girl (Randi) on SYTYCD, the one with the unitards, was from Utah. I'm just saying. . .

That accent is unmistakable.

4- My goal for this weekend. . . HANG OUR STUPID PICTURE FRAMES!
Ben painted them forever ago, and they NEED to be off the floor of the office and on the walls, regardless of the fact that I don't have pictures ready for them.
I'll fill them in later.

5- It's national doughnut day. . . And I need to know where I can get a free doughnut in Utah Valley. Anyone? Tips?


Lisa said...

Speaking of SYTYCD, I'm still mad that they cut Natalie so quickly when they gave tons of less qualified dancers too many second chances. It's already a love/hate relationship for me this season, but like your open window, it won't keep we from watching!

p.s. Thanks for the congratulations. Nolan is looking so cute and grown up!

Melanie said...

SO true! I was SO bugged that they sent Natalie home. Annoyed that I had never even SEEN several of the final 20. . .

But the show really starts for me next week, so I just need to forget my annoyances. :)