Monday, June 29, 2009

Fathers Day Fun

I'm a little late in posting these. It's been a crazy week since Fathers Day and I'm just now getting around to uploading them.

Our festivities last Sunday happened up in Syracuse. . . hanging out with my side of the family for a yummy lasagna dinner and some fun playing with grandpa.

Grandpa gave Nolan a ride around the house on the table cloth. . . I'm really not sure how this one started, but he sure loved it.

They jumped on the trampoline. Nolan got knocked down a lot by the bigger kids, but he didn't care.

Aubrey took a ride in the swing

Carter the warrior on the trampline.

And Ethan created a sweet ball track out on the lawn. There's just enough of a hill for the balls to go fast without having to add height to the track.

And since we had a little bit of rain that afternoon,

Ben read Aubrey some stories (it was pretty nice for him to read to a kid that didn't run away after 30 seconds)

And Nolan and Aubrey watched some Baby Einstein in grandpa's big chair. I can't believe how big they both look. Crazy.


Stefanie said...

How in the world do you get him to keep flip flops on!????

Jenny Webster said...

Holy cow Nat's kids have grown up so much! They are time I see Ethan he's going to be as tall as me!(that's not to hard)And Nolan looks older and we just saw him a month ago. Stop growing kids!