Friday, June 12, 2009

Things I Love Right Now

I had heard the praises of Crumpler bags sung many many times. I pretty much blew them off. I am a snob about many things, but bags are not one of those things. I'm not sure why. BUT, my laptop bag was literally hanging by a thread, and a new one was necessary for my back and forth to work goings. I wanted red (because I pretty much need everything in red) and I happened across this one in a fabulous Google search. Praise Google!

It's big enough for my laptop, monster that it is, as well as a bunch of peripherals and other STUFF. And it was SO affordable, how could I say no? And the fact that it's a Crumpler bag. . . I love that, even if it doesn't matter.

Ben and Nolan both have crocs. And as much as I wanted to be part of the crowd, I couldn't bring myself to get the clog style they have. I knew they had some other options available, but it wasn't until we were killing time in the mall in AZ that I actually got to try some on.

I got myself a pair that I have really liked. They are brown like the ones the boys have, but in a decidedly more feminine style. Phew.

Camelback bottle
I have had this thing for a while now, but I don't think I've ever sung its praises as I ought to have. After many years of spilling water on myself drinking from wide mouthed Nalgene bottles, I have found the light. I'm telling you, if it weren't for this bottle, I would NEVER stay properly hydrated. I fill it with pebble ice and water first thing in the morning and several more times throughout the day. You have to make sure to remove and wash the valve regularly, or it gets a little not so fresh in there. . . I learned that the hard way and had to replace the valve. . . but you can do that easily too. . . no big deal.

Get one. You'll thank me.

Decorator tip/coupler dishwasher bags
As you know, I make a lot of cupcakes. . . And for those cupcakes, I use giant decorator tips to frost them. There's not a really good way to wash them by hand, I found (plus, I'm lazy) so I looked for a different way. Enter these little mesh bags. It's like a lingerie bag for your decorating things.

Even better, though, is that I use them for other things too. Things I wash even MORE often. Like those Camelback valves I just mentioned, the little rubber ring/washer from the blender, & the valves for sippy cups!! And no more worrying that I'll lose this stuff to the heating coil.


That's all the consumerism I have in me for now.
Until next time


Amelia said...

omg, it is brilliant! I want them all! I must have them. Stupid spending ban. Stupid husband who checks our credit cards religiously.

mel said...

Yes! Camelback bottle!
Yes! Dishwasher bag!
YES! Red...
I must look into those.

Thanks for further stimulating the economy by posting. ;)

Emily S. said...

Yep--- loved the report! Got any of those mesh bags for me? :)

Stefanie said...

I love it when you do this, although it usually leads me to buying things I really don't need...but admire!

Bonnie said...

Ok, the "have to buy everything in red" thing has gotten a little rediculous on my end. I now, not only have a red cell phone and sun glasses, I also have a red house and a red car. Yeah, rediculous!!