Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Randoms, diet edition

I am posting this from bed because I forgot to do it earlier... Why?

1- I am on a new diet. I hate diets. I don't believe in them as a tool for weight loss. (some of you just responded with "obviously!" in your heads, and I'll try to forgive you). But this diet is not aimed at weight loss. It's aimed at improving my health and mainly my headaches, once and for all.

A tall order to be sure.

I'll spare you the details, but let's just say I'm grateful that it's only a month. And that it's 3 days over already. (not that I can go back to all of my evil ways in a month, but a few... And hopefully I'll form a few good habits in the mean time)

And I'll brag a little... No Coke for 3 days! Seriously?! Did anyone think I was capable of that? Me neither. I think I have crossed over to the land of "just water please", and I'm trying really hard to embrace it.

2- I have watched a lot of CNN this evening, starting with their telethon, and I really want to adopt several Haitian babies right now.

Someone talk me down and tell me how many years and dollars that takes, please, even under these circumstances, because I'm right on the edge of figuring out how it's done. Those babies need some love!

3- I will leave you with those, because part of eliminating all the crap I'm eliminating from my diet is the distinct need to sleep. Constantly.


Martina said...

hey girl!! i haven't blog stalked you for a while. just wanted to give you some support for the new diet. i know how hard that is. i was {and probably still could be} a coke junkie, so i *totally* understand the detox.

**NOT FUN!!**

but if you're doing it for health reasons, you'll feel much better about giving it up in the long run. i actually get sick these days from drinking a coke - although that does not deter me from having one during holidays and special occasions ;). if you need any tips or a mental boost, PM me.

xoxo :)

Heather C Taylor said...

I think you should adopt! That would be so fun! I'm glad I finally found your blog! It's so fun to read! Ours is :o)