Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Randoms

1- My sugar intake is out of control. I keep getting yelled at by Geri, the lady who rubs my feet, and yet. . . I still eat it. And drink it. ALL THE TIME.

I need good ideas for sugar detox. Clearly (based on the other day when I just tried not to eat it and then wanted to DIE from the migraine I had by 5 pm) I can't go cold turkey. I also can't stand aspertame or any other sugar substitutes.

Is there any hope for weaning?

2- After an insane couple of weeks of trading, buying and selling, we have finally settled on a TV. (why was that so complicated? I don't know, but it was)

This is where we ended up.

Anyone have any experience with the energy savings they claim these things provide? Because our energy bill could REALLY use some help. Our other TV did not do good things to the numbers. We're really hoping this will help.

3- Don't you sometimes wish you lived somewhere really nice and temperate where you weren't in a constant battle to be comfortable? I do. I wish that. I feel like I am constantly cranking up the heater or air conditioner. I feel like I can never wear the right clothing to be comfortable.

Why can't I just move to Hawaii or something?

4- I HATE spam. I can't even explain how much it annoys me.
(the random emails, not the pressed meat, though I suspect I would hate that too)

My dear husband (love you, Ben, seriously, don't take this personally) gave Best Buy my gmail address. The address I only give PEOPLE. All of my spam goes to other accounts.

It is driving me BATTY to delete the 2-3 emails A DAY that they send me.

One of the many things I plan never to do in my business. . .
send so many emails that people filter me out.
Because seriously?! Enough is enough!

5- This movie is probably going to be awful, probably trying to be Love Actually (which wasn't a complete triumph on its own, in my opinion), and will fail.

Does that stop me from being excited for it in a silly girly way? No. It doesn't. Even if it IS a Gary Marshall film.


Eve said...

I feel your pain on the sugar front. It needs to end. But I can't seem to bring myself to care enough to really bite the bullet. I'd almost rather live in this limbo place than go through the hell of getting over it. Ugh. I know I never comment--but I love seeing pics of you and yours. I hope you are well!

Jenny Webster said...

Good choice on the TV! We think the pictures on the Samsungs are the best ourselves. Everyone we know who has one of those LOVES them and has never had any problems so that's a good sign. Let us know how the energy bill turns out! Also, I agree on the sugar substitues. Yuck! Not worth it. Just eat/drink half as much as you would normally and still enjoy the taste! :) But less calories! Hehe!

Emily S. said...

Amen and ditto to 1,3,4 &5... All the way. Love ya!! :) (sorry-- I'm no help with the sugar thing. I might be worse than you!!!)

Tea Marie Photography said...

On the sugar, go over to fruit snacks and stuff. They have some. Maybe eat a more sugary cereal in the morning for breakfast. Fruit snacks are amazing though. I like the kelloggs ones ($sku$). I always buy the box at sams club. I hate the cherry but the other ones are my absolute favorites. :)

mel said...

Hawaii = spam. Don't you remember 50 first dates? It's true. They have spam burgers at Burger King. Not even kidding.

Bonnie said...

We have a Samsung LCD TV (1080 P) and REALLY love it. In fact, we went to see the Blind Side the other day and I was REALLY sad we didn't wait to see it on our TV because it would have looked better. Energy savings. . . meh, I doubt it.