Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woefully Behind

When I went back to iMovie to export some video for your viewing pleasure, it was immediately obvious how very far behind I am.

And so, this is a little set of clips from late summer and early fall for you. . . by way of catch up.


Stefanie said...

I was impressed when he blew out his bday candle, but now I see the prep work. Seriously, Max just eats the bubble wand, despite numerous explanations. Nolan is amazing!!

Emily S. said...

How did I miss this one before??!!! Noah and I have been getting our Nolan fix this evening and I scrolled down to this one and WOWOWOW!! He has some SKILLZ!!! I love each of these clips entirely!! (So does Noah. He keeps saying "more Nolan" as I type this comment...)