Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Week In TV

The following is a summary of what we watch (and will be watching) this Season. (If Sept-Dec was the "fall season" are we calling Jan-April the "winter season" or the "Spring season"? I'm confused by all of the partial seasons. . .)

Also, I planned to make this list by day of the week, but then it occurred to me that i had NO IDEA what day of the week half of these things are on. Sad but true. So instead, I decided to categorize them by type. I KNOW we watch way more TV than anyone should. I also know that we never watch it when it's actually ON, so we never watch commercials. . . which decreases the time spent watching by a LOT. And I'm not just being defensive here. I'm talking 1/3 of the time to watch any given show, GONE.

Notice that my only 2 NBC shows are Biggest Loser and Mercy, and Mercy is on the way out for me. I just can't give up Biggest Loser, but I wish I could, because I'd like to just boycott NBC. They're a bunch of idiots. (this was prompted by the Jay Leno/Conan debacle, in case that was confusing anyone)


Amazing Race (CBS) We are still surprised it took us so long to catch this wave... we're still into it, 2 seasons later, so we're excited for a new one to start.

American Idol (FOX) We may be watching or the impending train wreck that is this season... I love Ellen, but I don't think she fits as a judge for this show. . . I have a feeling this might be the last season, what with Simon leaving, so i will definitely be watching. (well, skimming for the first couple of weeks, but still)

Biggest Loser (NBC) Can't. stop. watching. fat. people. get. skinny.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (ABC) Our catharsis show. We cry EVERY time. And don't feel badly about it.

Project Runway (Lifetime) Again, how did it take us so long? Oh yeah, we didn't have Bravo. But now that we CAN watch, we do. I heard that last season was relatively boring, so I can't wait to see this one.

Models of the Runway (Lifetime) This one is new on Lifetime. . . and was surprisingly drama free last season. I somehow bet it's not this time around.

(a category that was SO short before, and is so much better suddenly)

Better Off Ted (ABC) Holy crap, this show is funny. The writing is SO funny. Which means it will probably be off the air next week. Because heaven forbid the studios keep ANYTHING witty on the air.

Big Bang Theory (CBS) Nerd humor. Need I say more? OK, the writing is uneven, but it still cracks me up. Jim Parsons is either a genius or actually like that. . . in either case, he's hilarious.

Cougar Town (ABC) I started out really disliking this. . . but it's growing on me. Apparently I didn't hate it, because we still record it. Maybe it's all the pretty people? Maybe.

Glee (FOX) The writing is mostly bad, and the songs are SO overproduced. But I still love it. And I will not stop watching it, and buying the CDs, even if I have to roll my eyes at it several times a week. Hopefully the writing will mature, if it stays on the air.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Still funny. Really funny. NPH is one of those characters you just can't stop laughing at, even if you don't really know why.

Modern Family (ABC) Speaking of good writing. I LOVE this show. It's playing on stereotypes without bashing you over the head with them. . . or maybe it IS bashing you over the head, but it's so funny I don't care. . . I'm not sure. But watch it. Seriously.

Castle (ABC) I have a celebrity crush on Nathan Fillion. I have since the first time I saw Firefly (thank you melissa) I am SO glad he is finally in a series that seems to be solid. The writing is fantastic, the characters are great. It's a cop show, but in a good way. A funny way.

Flash Forward (ABC) This won't start until, like, MARCH, but I still had to include it, because I LOVED it in the fall and fully intend to keep watching. It's replacing LOST in my need to follow a complex story line genre.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC) Yeah yeah. Cheesy overly dramatic hospital show. I still love it. Hello, Christina/Owen? how can you not love that? OK, you can think less of me if you want. I don't care. And it will just get worse in a few minutes.

The Good Wife (CBS) I have been so pleasantly surprised by this show. It's really well written. And it's interesting. It's still a lawyer drama, but I don't have any others on my list, so that's OK.

Lost (ABC) LAST SEASON! I can't WAIT to see how they wrap it up. I hope it isn't lame. I'm watching either way, all the way to the end, because I've watched it from the start.

Mercy (NBC) This is the top of the "most likely to be removed from my list" list. I keep watching it because it's there, but I kind of don't care if I'm weeks late seeing it. It's basically what kept me busy during reruns.

Private Practice (ABC) OK, here's where you're SURE I'm dumb. The writing on this one is AWFUL. But I can't stop watching Audra. And Taye Diggs. And some of the rest of them. . . I MUST support theater people when they get TV shows. I MUST.

So there you go. Get some of them on your Netflix list for when they are released. Or mock me for how much time I spend in front of the TV. (NPR says I'm 46% more likely to die "of anything" because of it) It's how I relax, OK?

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Heidi said...

My faves from your list:
Better off Ted
Modern Family
Project Runway

Hate that Glee & Modern Family are on the same time though, and we have no DVR! Boo.

I think I would really love Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men, but I feel like I need to start from the beginning on all of those so I can't watch them on TV yet.