Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Decoration at the Hess Household

OK, so I promised to take pictures of the insanity. . . and the truth is, I couldn't find my camera. Our house is SUCH a mess right now. By the time we got done putting up the tree, getting out all the ornaments, setting up the Christmas village, and filling our new jars with pretty things in JUST the right way, I didn't have it in me to dig for the camera in the rubble. So I used the camera in my phone. & they aren't good pictures. But you'll get the idea.

Ben's mom painted all of her kids a Christmas village, and we brought Ben's back with us when we went to AZ in October. I think we ended up with some extra pieces though. There are a LOT of buildings. I love the way it looks on the top of the entertainment center. After some tweaking with levels, it looks like a fabulous little town.

In my constant efforts to copy things I see at Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, I decided we needed something like this to showcase some of my glass ornaments that I bought, not really thinking that some day children may have access to the tree. While it's Tanner this year, and not our own children, I love that there's a solution to the problem and that we don't have to forgo these pretty ornaments entirely. Hooray for Thai Pan & these great jars for such an awesome price. I'm a little bit giddy about them.

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