Monday, November 06, 2006


How do you make a perfect Saturday? Or at least a really great Saturday? I can tell you. . .

#1-- sleep in. Not so late that you're groggy when you wake up, but enough that you're rested. Then, don't stress about getting right out of bed when you wake up. Just chill for a while.

#2-- Mexican food for brunch. La Casita mexican food, to be exact. YUM.

#3-- Look through, and pretend to really seriously shop for, houses you can't afford. Oh, how I love to walk through model homes. & it turns out, so does Ben. We zeroed in on a company we really like, and eliminated another that we didn't. Later in the day we went up to Lehi & looked at even more. . . and dreamed a little. sigh. . .

#4-- Get a cute hair cut. Finally. It's especially rewarding when your husband really likes said cute hair cut.

#5-- Go to Salt Lake to spend money you shouldn't spend. Start with Restoration Hardware and some literal hardware. Pay for said hardware and then continue to wander the store, thereby creating the need to visit the cash register once again with further purchases. I got the following cool things:I think Ben was sick of me stealing his to wear. . . and he's just nice.

ANDEven though I'm opposed to celebrating Christmas earlier than December 1st, they had some awesome ornaments, so we bought them to stash away until that day. I got one of each of these, and Ben got a really great wire ornament of the space needle. I'd show you, but for some reason, RH doesn't have a picture on their site. dummies.

#6-- Have dinner at your favorite place for really good steak. Ruby River. and better than that, get a table relatively quickly, and have a really on the ball waiter so it doesn't take forever. After all, you have a movie to get to.

#7-- See a movie. OK, this wasn't the most bestest movie ever. But I was interested in seeing what they did with it, having read the book, and there were some really great moments.

#8-- Play the "who won the oscar" game all the way home. & stay up way later than you should looking up the actual answers to the game. . . back to 1976, because that's when Rocky won. . .

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