Thursday, November 30, 2006


Nick & I finally reinstated our Movie Wednesday last night. We went to see The Fountain. It was a weird movie. Like, seriously weird. I don't want to give anything away, and it's not all bad. I actually liked it. But some of it was just BEYOND weird. It felt like one of those movies that wants to make you feel stupid. & I have a hard time with those. It will probably require a second viewing to wrap my brain around the whole thing. The performances were great, I just felt like Mr. Aronofsky was saying, "remember me? The director? I'm HERE!!!".

On the subject of movies, It is a fact that I would have to see at least 6 movies a week for the rest of the month of December to be able to see everything I want to see this year. I can't decide if this is a statement on me, or the movie industry, but I'm going to blame them. Up until November of this year, I saw MAYBE 4-5 movies that I even mildly enjoyed. 2006 has been PATHETIC! Until now. All of a sudden, there are a million things to see. Now, I do understand that I can see some of these in January, and obviously I will. But I'm just overwhelmed by the number this year. . .

The following is my list of movies I still want to see this year, by category, in case you care:

Movies that have been out forever that I may be too late for:

Currently in theaters:

Being released this month:

Independent stuff that will probably never make it to Utah:

Things I'd like to see if I have time, but will probably see on DVD:

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