Thursday, November 16, 2006


Those people on the commercials that talk about "gellin' " like it's some kind of miracle to put those inserts in your shoes are liars. Plain and simple. I got the inserts, I put them in my danskos, and my feet STILL hurt. A lot.

I talked a lot today. I was greeted by many many INTENSE distributors, just as predicted. There were no panic attacks, though. I was surprisingly unfazed by the crowds. I am developing a theory about my claustrophobia that could account for that. I think if it's my ground, and I don't really need to get anywhere, I don't freak out. I talked for at least 6 hours straight today. At least. I may lose my voice by Saturday.

But it won't be because I didn't take my Airborne. Or consume large quantities of Mangosteen product. . .

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