Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Cupcakes

Thanksgiving this year was a party with my mom's side of the family. "Big Thanksgiving" we call it, though I'm not sure why. Unfortunately, something I ate on Wednesday, probably the Pei Wei, unfortunately, didn't sit well with me. By the time we made it to Thanksgiving dinner, I was SURE I was going to throw up all over the turkey and stuffing. What a DEPRESSING day to be sick. Especially that kind of sick. Anything else & I still could have enjoyed the taste of mashed potatoes. Seriously.

Before I was totally overcome with the nausea, I concocted the following Thanksgiving cupcakes:
OK, that's not a picture of mine. That's a picture of Martha Stewart's rendition. But I'm a dork and took pictures of mine with my mom's camera, and then forgot to download them. So you'll just have to take my word for the fact that they looked basically like that. It was close. . . They were darn tasty, regardless. One batch with spice cake mixed with pumpkin spice pudding, the other with yellow cake and banana cream pudding. I wish I'd tasted them . . .

I meant to get a lot done this weekend. I got almost none of it done. But we DID visit the new Thai Pan Trading Co. up in Clearfield and BOY HOWDY, did we come away with some great Christmas decorations. I am so excited to put them all up.

I'm pretty much opposed to decorating before December, generally, but this year is going to be different. This weekend is party weekend, and I want to have the Christmas stuff up before the Pampered Chef party on Friday. So it's starting tonight.

I'll take pictures this time. Really.

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