Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Part 2

Halloween evening brought my first adult experience in trick or treating with a toddler. & I gotta tell ya, it was a crack up. Nathan & Jenny brought Tanner up for a few laps around DT for some candy. He was dressed up like a puppy, which was dang cute (this picture is pre-nose), and he knew just what to do. As soon as the girls of S-hall would open the door to his knock he'd rush them, hands outstretched for the candy bowl. He would say tank oo, which is an approximation of thank you, after getting away with as many pieces of candy as his little hands could grab, and we'd be on our way for "more". that was the word he kept repeating as we continued down the hall. That kid knew the game plan. :)

Returning to Heritage, we got busy frosting some cupcakes. Jenny & I are old pros after the wedding, so we, along with Laurie, made quick work of them. & then Tanner was the first winner of one at the cake walk. It was brilliant. Activities at Heritage Halls are always an adventure, that's for sure. In order to explain the dead look Ben had donned for the party, I slit his throat so he had a reason to be dead. I did it with an orange peeler. . . no, really.

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