Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Over

I didn't have it in me to post on Saturday night. The last day of convention was nuts. I thought a short little 2 hours of the store being open would be pretty mellow. I was wrong. The distributors were very intense that last day, trying desperately to get those last sales tools and their last few entries into the drawing. It was the only day I thought someone would literally grab me to get my attention.

Once home, the plan was to go to a movie, so we could actually see each other for more than one waking hour this week. We went to a play instead.

We had put off going for FAR too long, as lots and lots of our good friends were in it, and as we were walking into the mall to go to Stranger Than Fiction, we realized it was closing night for Little Foxes. So we high tailed it to campus and parked at Heritage (because it was game day for football and basketball, so parking was in short supply) We decided to go to Thai Ruby for dinner, and because of the parking situation, we concluded that we needed to walk. . . and let's remember that my feet hurt more than I could ever remember them hurting. . . I was very happy to sit down in the Margetts. Even if it was for 3 hours.

A note on Little Foxes. . . the cast was great. They all did a great job. But Laura Sorenson wins the MVP. I thought she was AMAZING. GO Laura!

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