Monday, November 06, 2006

The New Me

Anyone who has been around me for the last year or so knows I've been growing my hair out. I've wanted to grow it out for years, but I generally lose the will power to put up with the frustrations of long hair and cut it off before it gets much past my shoulders. I'm just impatient. This time, in order to motivate myself, I decided that I would grow it long enough to be able to donate the hair I cut off to Locks of Love. They are a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer and diseases like alopecia areata. It was a good motivator. After about 2 years of growing, it was finally long enough.

After an extensive search of the internet for someone with a cute haircut to copy, and a visit to myheritage to figure out how to narrow that down by figuring out which celebrities I look like. We ended up choosing Bryce Dallas Howard, believe it or not, and copying one of her cuts.

I feel like a different person. . . it's crazy. I hope someone ends up with a killer wig from that ponytail, too. It was a thick one.


Anonymous said...

Ki - ute. I would have said keep the long hair, but after seeing the results, definitely worth the wait... Lookin' guud! - buns

Sufoot said...

Oh holy monkeys...I love it. No seriously...I LOVE it.