Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I had a bad experience. . .

Have you seen The Italian Job? Where Mos Def says that about dogs? Well I feel about Pier One, and about bookshelves, the way Mos Def felt about dogs. It's going to be a long time before I go into the Pier One in Orem again.

We looked all day Saturday for new bookshelves for our office. The goal was to get them up before Thursday when Jen and Whitney get into town for Sundance. No one had anything we liked in our price range. It was so frustrating. We found some great shelves at RC WIlley, but they were $3000.00. No way. We found nothing anywhere else. Except Pier One. These are the shelves we finally decided on.

They were more than we wanted to spend, but they were the closest thing to what we wanted and they were a lot more reasonable than $3000. So we went to the counter and told them we wanted 3 sets (the picture above is actually 2 sets). Then the trauma started. They informed us that they only had one set in back. And the AF store didn't have any. There were MAYBE a few out in West Jordan, but they weren't sure. So I asked if they'd sell us the 2 on the floor. The girl says "It's against policy, but maybe if you opened a Pier One card the manager would be in a better mood". Um, what? Seriously?! All the while the manager just stood there and ignored us, despite the fact that no one was there, acknowledging us just long enough to say "they never send us enough of those". THEN SELL THEM TO US!!

Ben told the girl that he used to work at a Pier One and they sold stuff off the floor every day. She paused for a second, and in a snotty voice said "well, it's a NEW policy".

We won't be going back there. And Ben is going to write a mean letter to them.

So. . . back to square one. AGAIN. I won't go through all the details of 2 days of figuring out what to do, we decided to go back to the idea we had in the first place. It's not cheap, but they're nice shelves and much better for our walls than the similar models they sell at Home Depot. Also, they were on sale. They are Elfa Shelves from The Container Store and they looke like this:

There will be floor to ceiling shelves 5 feet wide. Of course, our wall is red, so it will look really different, but I think it will be good different.

Of course, it will be at least a week before they show up, even paying a HUGE shipping charge. This means that the shelves won't be up this weekend, and that annoys me. But I suppose I have to live with it. And Pier One needs to live without the money we were going to give them.


On the plus side. . . 3 days until Sundance!! YAY!!

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