Monday, January 15, 2007

Laid Back Friday Night

It's been so ridiculously cold here all weekend. When I got out to my car this morning, with the sun shining, the temperature was 1. That's not a typo. And apparently it got down to -4 last night. I'm not sure if the cold has anything to do with the power outage we had Sunday morning or our internet being down all weekend, but it probably does. Needless to say, it's been a few days since our Friday night party, but I'm posting it anyway.

Nathan & Jenny are finally back from their trip to AZ, and we found a moment that Jules had free to play, so we all got together for some stew and Nintendo. A perfect combination, really. . .

We also managed to make a dent in the remaining Christmas candy. I'm pretty happy about that. It all just needs to be gone. . . Tanner made the biggest dent of all, and shared a little bit of the chocolate goodness with Nick.

Then he decided a game of walk under the legs was in order. I think Jules & Nick had as much fun with it as Tanner did.

Tanner is in a mimicking stage. When I handed him his water and leaned back against the counter to drink mine, he had to join me.

Basically Tanner is the only one that will let me take his picture all the time. . . So that's what you get.

4 days 'til Sundance! The countdown begins!

If anyone wants to see a Sundance film at 11:30am Friday, we have some extra tickets we're trying to sell to "Expired". Let me know.

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