Monday, January 29, 2007

SAG Awards

The SAG awards were on TNT last night, and aside from being insanely fast paced, to the point of annoying, it was a good night. I was thrilled by a few of the winners (here is a complete list). My favorites:

1-- Little Miss Sunshine won best ensemble! I love that movie. It is so refreshing. And while I really liked a lot of the movies up for the award, I was really thrilled that this one took home an award. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I THINK if it wins the Oscar it may be the first Sundance film to do so. Fingers crossed.

2-- America Ferrera won. Again!! I was so excited. It was a little bit disappointing that The Office won best comedy, but I know how much people love that show, so I'm OK with it. I'm just glad America got the recognition again.

3-- Chandra Wilson!!! We were cheering like we were at a sporting event when that happened. We were just excited that she had been nominated. We love her character on Grey's Anatomy and she does some amazing acting work.

This just proves a point we've been observing through all of the award shows this year. This is the year of the chubby girl. I don't say that in a mocking-Tyra-Banks-for-gaining-a-little-healthy-weight way. I am giddy that this is the case. Look at the winners of best actress awards across the board. With the exception of Helen Mirren, who is decidedly un-chubby, there are non-stick bugs winning all over the place! Jennifer Hudson, America Ferrera, Chandra Wilson. . . It's amazing. I am starting to feel a shift in our culture, and I love it. From the runways in Milan to Hollywood, people are starting to realize it's OK to be curvy. It's a miracle! May we continue in this direction and embrace healthy body image. . . Our daughters will be far better adjusted people for it.

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