Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sundance. . . Again

Today I had my final Sundance experience of 2007. I know what you're thinking. You thought I said I was done already. I totally wasn't. But this time the experiencen was a little different. I was there on official business. XanGo had a lounge there in the VIP building that was used for interviews and parties and general exposure of the product. And I'm sure it was very successful in that way the first few days of the festival. I had agreed to go up today thinking it would be fun to schmooze and such. Instead, we didn't do much of anything. Almost everyone is gone. So it was several hours of thumb twiddling rather than the crazy scene I expected. A lot can change on main street in a few short days.

We DID, however, get to help John Digles with a podcast. This consisted of a little recruiting of extras off the street and a little bit of slightly embarrasing on camera time. It will be posted on the web site soon, I'll post the link so you can laugh at me later.

Also, we had 2 celebrity sitings out on the street, just to cap off the week. Jared Leto and Crispin Glover. Woo Hoo!

RIP Sundance 2007.

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