Friday, January 12, 2007

Movies Update

In a few short weeks I have managed to catch up on a lot of the things i wanted to see most. Some of what was on my original list, I've sort of decided against now that I've heard the reviews of critics and friends. This is what's left and what I'm still looking forward to:

More than that though, I'm setting my movie watching eyes on the Sundance Film Festival. In a short week's time, we will be up in Park City seeing some very cool movies. And to make it even cooler, I'll be seeing them with 2 of my best friends from the high school days in VA. I'm so excited that Jen & Whitney get to come and visit. And hopefully we'll see some very cool movies and NOT get snowed on too much. Fingers crossed.

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Girl con Queso said...

Oh, I'll never catch up on all the movies I want to see before awards season. Sundance sounds dreamy. You must report everything!