Monday, January 22, 2007

Sundance, Day Three

Day 3 began with brunch up at sundance village at the Foundry. This is our favorite place for brunch and this morning was no exception. Wonderful food. Beautiful atmosphere. All around relaxing way to start our last day.

Our first movie was at the Eccles again. Waitress. It was a more independent film, starring Keri Russel and Nathan Fillion, who I must admit to having a little crush on. It was a very stylized movie, but I liked it very much. It was written and directed by Adrienne Shelley, the woman who was murdered in her own home in LA a few months ago. A very tragic story. The whole cast as well as many other stars were there for the screening. A big part of our list of star sitings for the day came from this screening.

After a little bit of shopping on main street, and a few more star sitings, we headed back to Salt Lake for our last movie.

Our second movie was The Great World of Sound. It was the definition of an independent film as they have always had at Sundance. It was personally my least favorite of the films we saw, and I think everyone else agreed with me, but it was stil entertaining. It was about scammers in the music business that take people's money and promise things they never deliver.

Films Seen

Celebrities Sited
Keri Russell
Nathan Fillion
Cheryl Hines
Jeremy Sisto
Dennis Hopper
Sam Rockwell

Scott Speedman
Gary Coleman
Kevin Bacon
Bobcat Goldthwait

Hours Spent Waiting in Line


Girl con Queso said...

Kevin Bacon! Please describe what he's looking like in person these days.

Melanie Hess said...

He looked exactly as he does on the screen. He's aged really well. The only surprise was his size. He's really little. One of those short wiry guys. But very good looking.