Monday, January 22, 2007

Sundance, Day Two

Day 2 began bright and early with Rocket Science. Although we were up early, it wasn't so bad as Day 1, as we had gotten plenty of sleep. Also, the movie was at the Eccles, which is a very comfortable place to watch a movie. Also, the movie was really good. It's about a high school boy with a serious stuttering problem that gets recruited for the debate team. I can't tell you much without giving it away, but let us just say that it was a very good film. I highly suggest you all see it. You won't know the actors, because, for once, they used actors that were actually high school age kids. And it worked. The following shot is of the Q&A. It's pretty awful and grainy, but I like it anyway.

Following Rocket Science we went back to wander Main Street for a while and get some lunch. We went in to the Airborne lounge and had some pink grapefruit airborne in raspberry soda, which was surprisingly tasty. I think I need to mix my airborne in something other than water more often. We saw some famous people. Jen went outside for a bit while we were waiting for our pizza and saw Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney, but as I didn't see them, they aren't on my list at the bottom of the page. After lunch we went to The Racquet club to begin our quest for tickets to Grace Is Gone, starring John Cusack. After the previous day's wait list experience, we weren't taking any chances. We showed up at 1:30 to wait 2 hours for our wait list numbers.

We killed time taking a TON of pictures while we waited in the cold. This is just a mere sampling:

In the end, we were numbers 10-13. We were pretty pleased with ourselves, and pretty darn certain we were getting in. . . we were so naive.

While we waited out the hour between numbers and line again, we went up to the restaurant at the racquet Club for some warmth and some food. While there, Parker Posey joined us (in a really loose sense of the word). Really, she came in with some guy, they sat at the bar and had a beer while we stared at her back. And took a picture of her back:

We went back to the line and after an hour of waiting again, they only left 8 people in. When we had the option of only one of us going in, we let Whitney go. It was her first time at Sundance, and wouldn't have extra chances to see something else. So she went to that, and the rest of us headed back to Main Street to try to get in to a concert. We wandered a bit, visited the XanGo lounge, and then got in line again. But after 45 minutes in line, and no opening of the concert door in site, we were done. We walked up to the bus station and waited for Whitney to get back so we could go home. We were a little sad.

We went home a little defeated and drowned our sorrows in home made house dressing and some Nintendo with Ben.

Films Seen
1 (2 if your name is Whitney)

Celebrities Sited
Christopher McDonald
Dante Basco
David Moscow
Joanna Kerns

Parker Posey
Sam Rockwell
Sienna Miller
Timothy Hutton

Hours Spent Waiting In Line

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