Monday, January 22, 2007

Thursday night

We have completed our whirlwind Sundance weekend now, and although I didn't make time to blog while it was going on, I'm going to divide up my entries about it into days. This should serve to make it less massive, and also remind me of what actually happened.

Whitney & Jen were both supposed to fly in Thursday night so Ben & I ran around like headless chickens trying to get the house ready for them. We actually succeeded, too. Check it out!

Our guest room. Even the closet is clean and organized, though you can't see it here. You'll have to take my word for it.

The office. And finally a good view of the desk we refinished 6 months ago. I love how it turned out, especially with the awesome drawer pulls we got at Restoration Hardware. It's a really great desk now.

In the end, Jen's flight got stuck in Atlanta because of weather issues and Whitney's flight was an hour late. It then took an hour to get her bags because some kind soul took them off the conveyour for her. We still have no idea why. But, we also had our first celebrity siting at the airport that night while we waited for her plane. Lili Taylor.

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